Need help selling your release?

Patient Zero Records has started accepting consignments from bands and labels. If you are in a band, or run a label and want to consign your release, or releases with us, keep reading.

Why consign with Patient Zero?

Patient Zero Records has established itself as a reputable distro and label now since 2016. Besides putting out several of our own releases we also carry a huge inventory of Punk, Hardcore, Death Metal, and other underground music. Our feedback on Discogs is 100% positive. Let our current customer base help you reach more potential sales.

How does it work with pricing?

Usually if you can get a label to take one of your releases it is on consignment, especially being a band, or smaller label. They then mark them up usually around 40-to-60 percent and sell them. At Patient Zero we understand that the ultimate goal is to help more people hear your music. So, we are only marking any item you consign at 25 percent. This after PayPal, site fees, etc lands us a very small profit in the end, just enough to cover the time it takes to package up and ship your release.

For example, if you consign a 7" to us for $3.50 each, they will sell for $4.50. Keep in mind PayPal charges a minimum of thirty cents per transaction. 

How do I submit my Hardcore Music Consignments?

First thing you need to do to submit a consignment is email me directly at and let me know you are doing it,. then download the form below. Next, just follow the directions and send them in. Please note that we do not cover shipping charges in, or out if you want them returned. So the next question is, how do you get paid? Payment is as easy as sending it to you PayPal. Or, it can be mailed in the form of a bank check. The rest of the payment details are located on the consignment form. 

How do you help sell our music?

Besides a special section on the site we have created dedicated to band consignments we also will be featuring your releases in our newsletter, and social media advertising several times per week. Keep in mind it does not hurt to let your followers know they are available here.

What else do you need?

It always helps to have a selling point. For instance, an item description. Something that speaks to your band, or release. Please include any photos or mock-ups you have pertaining to the release, or releases. The nicer it looks, the easier it is to sell.